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    Hygiene Feminine hygiene products

    Feminine hygiene products

    Leading an active life without constraints – day after day: Superabsorbents are the secret behind today's trend towards smaller and thinner sanitary napkins, improving a woman's wellbeing so she can always feel at her best.

    Modern feminine care products consist of thin cores that are manufactured directly or use airlaid technology and are low-loaded with superabsorbents.

    For feminine-care products the absorption of blood is an important requirement and BASF superabsorbents provide this feature whilst retaining good core integrity.

    Consumer needs
    Thin, body-conforming products
    Natural ingredients
    Anti-bacterial treatments
    Fashionable design

    World Facts

    • Fem care products are among the 1st hygiene items entering a market when GDP grows

    • Fem care articles offer health and social benefits, allowing women to participate in school and other activities of social life

    • Product preferences strongly depend on cultural aspects, e.g. tampon use is very limited in China

    • Yet, the global market penetration is only 50%