Incontinence products

In industrialized nations life expectancy is continuously rising and societies are aging. This results in many challenges and raises many questions such as: How do we ensure that older people enjoy a good quality of life?

This involves dealing with the important issue of incontinence. Frequently the people concerned feel embarrassed; they avoid being close to other people as they fear that someone may smell the urine, or they hardly drink any water before they leave their homes because they are afraid that their pads might overflow.

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Consumer needs

  • Leakage prevention
  • Wearing comfort
  • Invisible, underwear like products
  • Odor protection 
  • Skin protection
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Market studies

Market studies have shown that incontinence products must, above all, fulfill two criteria:

  • They need to absorb large quantities of urine safely and discreetly.
  • They need to prevent odor effectively. Only discreet and reliable incontinence pads and underwear allow their wearers to lead an active social life.

BASF’s HySorb® Advanced Odor Control has been specifically developed to meet these requirements. Its excellent absorption performance keeps the skin dry, maintains a neutral ph and allows the design of even thinner diapers. Furthermore, its innovative formula delays the formation of urine odor from ammonia for up to nine hours, providing a new level of confidence and comfort for people with incontinence.

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World Facts

  • Today's global market penetration is 22%. 
  • Adult incontinence products will reach penetration 26% by 2020.
  • Many affected people rather feminine care products instead of incontinence products.

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