HySorb® Biomass Balanced 

HySorb® Biomass Balanced is the first high-performance superabsorbent solution driving the use of renewable feedstock. The certified products thus contribute to sustainable development by saving fossil resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This unique solution enables customers to differentiate their diapers form competition and helps towards achieving their sustainability goals.

From fossil-based raw materials to renewables

The first milestone in developing HySorb® Biomass Balanced has been to identify renewable feedstock like biomethane or bio-naphtha that fit to use in existing production facilities. Bio-naphtha and biomethane can be derived from organic waste or vegetable oils and are used together with fossil resources already in the very first steps of chemical production. The second milestone has been achieved in defining a standard confirmed by an independent certification that relates a targeted share of biomass balanced superabsorbent polymer to a required amount of renewables at the beginning of the value chain (allocation). This standard defines as well specific sustainability requirements for the renewable feedstocks.

In doing so, with HySorb® Biomass Balanced we have created a ready-to-use drop-in solution, requiring no adaptation of a diaper production line with no compromise on product quality and performance. It allows our customers to define their own sustainability targets, saving fossil resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Mass balance

Benefits of the Biomass Balance approach:

  • Drives the use of renewable resources

  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions  and saves fossil resources

  • Independently certified

  • Ensure identical product quality and properties

  • Ready-made solution for our customers

Tanklager der BASF in Ludwigshafen / Tank storage facility at BA

BASF`s Biomass Balance approach

A groundbreaking way of using renewable resources in production

BASF’s Biomass Balance approach contributes to the use of renewable raw materials in its integrated production system and can be applied to the majority of the products in its portfolio.

 BASF`s Biomass Balance approach 

HySorb biomass balanced® one pager

HySorb® Biomass Balanced one pager 


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