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    Hygiene SAVIVA®


    SAVIVA® is based on a unique, pioneering technology, the so-called droplet polymerization. It has been developed to provide a superabsorbent polymer for superior leakage protection, dryness, fewer rewets and a softer feel. It creates a new standard for today’s diaper performance.

    SAVIVA® benefits at a glance
    Superabsorbent and fluff reduction
    Superior rewet and low leakage for more comfort
    Improved haptic confirmed by end consumer tests
    Easy transfer to different diaper lines
    Increased dosing accuracy
    Reduction of diaper`s carbon footprint

    A breakthrough technology


    Our expert R&D team worked intensively over the last decade to re-engineer the traditional superabsorbent particle architecture in order to increase its performance significantly and offer a new level of comfort and dryness.

    Based on its round-shaped particles with micro-pores, SAVIVA® has an innovative liquid distribution mechanism providing a highly efficient superabsorbent polymer in diaper cores.

    It has been tested comprehensively using laboratory studies, diaper prototypes and end-consumer home-use tests, confirming its outstanding properties for a superior diaper performance.

    SAVIVA® Application

    SAVIVA® can be used as a drop-in solution for existing hygiene articles and a unique opportunity to create innovative diaper designs, making a difference and changing the rules of the diaper market. Its high efficiency significantly reduces the amount of superabsorbent material used in each diaper and contributes to sustainability in terms of diaper weight reduction. At its core SAVIVA® is an unique opportunity for innovations in the diaper market and addresses the fundamental needs of a changing social environment.

    What is SAVIVA?

    It is absorbing – in the sense of: high capacity very low wet back

    It is wicking – in the sense of: active liquid distribution based on capillary forces

    It is shaped – in the sense of: designed particle architecture


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