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    Hygiene HySorb®


    HySorb® high performance superabsorbent solutions for your diaper needs from a global network

    The HySorb® portfolio offers the right solution for all kinds of diapers

    Different diapers require different absorbent cores, and the materials that these diapers are made from are tailored toward the respective application like baby diapers, adult incontinence products and feminine care products.

    BASF's superabsorbent polymers (SAP) are engineered to have different primary properties:
      - Capacity: ensuring the ability to absorb
      - Absorption against pressure: retaining fluid under load
      - Permeability and wicking: allowing liquid transfer through a swollen layer of gel.

    Accordingly, BASF has a variety of SAP offerings tailored to specific hygiene articles to ensure optimal performance: From high-fluff to fluff-free diapers, our HySorb® portfolio offers the right solution for all kinds of diapers.
    BASF's expert team provides a technical service to assist customers.

    HySorb® is a leading superabsorbent that provides the kind of exceptional performance that is expected in today‘s modern diaper designs

    HySorb® high performance superabsorbent solutions
    keeping the urine inside the absorbent product even under pressure
    reducing the risk of leakage
    ensuring that the skin stays dry and therefore healthy
    facilitating the creation of thinner diapers

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