HySorb® advanced odor control

HySorb® advanced odor control offers a new quality of life for an aging generation and for those with incontinence problems by allowing them to lead an active social life without fear of leakage or smell.

HySorb® advanced odor control provides odor prevention for up to nine hours, improvement versus current market solutions and the key to innovations in the adult incontinence market.
The high-absorption capacity of HySorb® advanced odor control keeps the skin dry and healthy, while maintaining a natural skin pH.


The performance of HySorb® advanced odor control has been Lab proven based on comprehensive testing:

  • Tests such as ammonia-formation tests measure the highly effective odor control performance
  • Extensive home-use tests confirm performance in real-life situations
  • Diaper production-line tests confirm the excellent processability with no production line adaptations necessary

HySorb odor control provides:

  • high absorption capacity keeps skin dry, while maintaining its natural pH

  • effective control of the most prominent urinary odor/ammonia

  • long-term odor control performance for a new quality of life

The technology that helps to delay odor

Applied to BASF‘s HySorb® superior superabsorbent technology, the innovative formula effectively delays the development of the ammonia smell from urine for an extended time period.

HySorb advanced odor control® one pager

HySorb advanced odor control® one pager