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    Hygiene Our Global Presence

    Our Global Presence

    With a global network of research and production sites and a passionate commitment for excellent services, BASF is a leading partner of the global hygiene industry.

    BASF operates "Verbund" production sites that follow the principle of total backward integration for raw materials and energy use. Our production sites for superabsorbent polymers are located in

    • Antwerp (Belgium)
    • Freeport (Texas)
    • Nanjing (China)
    • Camaçari (Brazil)


    Our production footprint is complemented by smaller-scale plants in

    • Mannheim (Germany)
    • Rayong (Thailand)


    This global presence and strategic site development leads to efficiently run logistics systems and allows BASF to supply customers worldwide. Our business approach consists in investing in close proximity to our customers and providing a global footprint for reliable and global supplies.

    Moreover, we maintain Technical Service Centers in

    • Charlotte (North Carolina)
    • Ludwigshafen (Germany)
    • Bangkok (Thailand)
    • Shanghai (China)
    • Jacarai (Brazil)


    Our technical service unit provides our customers with comprehensive services and first-hand expertise. We work very closely with our customers: We analyze diapers to find the best possible product to fit our customers' needs, and we offer various training measures covering, for example, superabsorbent polymer chemistry basics, optimized handling of superabsorbent polymers and lab testing methods. Based on our extensive know-how, we also support our customers with regard to product safety, intellectual property or regulations on registration. We offer lab training, share information on superabsorbent polymer testing methods and can supply customers with test equipment.