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    Hygiene Baby diapers

    Baby diapers

    They are true high-tech products that, over the years, have become ever more comfortable, thinner and more absorbent. The main reason lies in the use of innovative superabsorbent polymers.

    With their help it has been possible to develop ever thinner diapers that not only keep babies dry for a longer time, but also offer more freedom of movement and which, due to material savings, even contribute to greater sustainability.

    We offer optimized products for a wide range of diaper cores, from high to low fluff content.

    We support our customers in their strive to make diapers thinner and more comfortable using superabsorbents that have a high absorption capacity, permeability and absorbency under load. 

    Consumer needs
    Leakage prevention
    Skin protection and conditioning
    Wearing comfort
    Improved sustainability, eco labels & waste reduction
    Special design

    World Facts

    - About 375,000 babies are born every day, 25% will
      start life in a disposable diaper

    - By 2020, 31% of all babies will have a diaper

    - 5 diapers per day till 2.5 years = full market
      penetration. Today some babies live with only
      1 diaper a day


    - More and more people can afford to buy hygiene

    • China: minimum wage is going up almost 15% a year.
    • Brazil: number of middle class households already increased dramatically within last 10 years

    - Consumption patterns for hygiene products can
      vary greatly among emerging markets because of
      culture, religion, climate etc.

    • While e.g. disposable baby diapers are already widely used in Latin America, only a very small number of Indian babies ever get to see one
    • Even within a country there can be significant differences: In China open crotch pants are common in rural areas but hardly in cities like Shanghai or Hong Kong.